A note to myself

If there was something I could tell you right now, you know I would, but in the middle of this crisis, trying to make sense of all this, feel so lonely in here. But you know that. I am the only one hearing this voice inside my head, the only one feeling these heartbeats in my chest, the only one with all these butterflies in my stomach. All this pain, all these thoughts, all these questions. But you also know that. 

You’ve probably been there yourself at least once. Isn't it? You too have been questioning: Who are we? What makes us, us? Uniquely us? What drives us to play that role, to believe what we believe, to set our values, to experience life the way we do? And simply like this, we build our identities along the way, along our unique journey that makes us who we are.

“A note to myself” is a visual exploration that starts in 2019, on how I tried to cope with my identity crisis followed up by anxiety attacks, going deeper into the emotional rollercoaster that life often puts us through. 

And yet, the truth is that we, humans, are still struggling. Still, there are moments in life where we face ourselves doubting and questioning ourselves. We still, sometimes, lose the perspective of who we are. 

But I do believe this is one of the most important conflicts of our lifetime, where mental state and health can not be ignored or be left aside. Imagine that only during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, did the global prevalence of anxiety and depression increase by a massive 25%, according to a scientific brief released by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

So, let this journey, through images and writings, document and explore my conflictive feelings, let it fulfill its purpose. Let it gives us an opportunity to share and acknowledge our mental state of mind, maybe it will make us rethink all the taboos about mental health. Let me through this experience share with you my journey and may it lead us back to ourselves. 

© 2022 Alinne Rezende

Alinne Rezende

visual storyteller / photojournalist / travel/ documentary brazilian photographer based in Brazil and Europe fotojornalista / documentário / viagem / fineart fotojornalista localizada no Brasil e Europa
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